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IAMCR 2019 is over. In this page we have collected links to essential documents, articles, videos, photos and other information about the 2019 conference in Madrid, Spain. 

Abstracts and Programme

Plenary Sessions

Photos and Videos

Reflections and Comments

Prizes and Awards

Press coverage

Presentation of IAMCR 2020

Our biggest conference ever 

Abstracts and Programme

Plenary Sessions

"Dignity, a revolutionary principle"

  • Javier Gomá (Director of Juan March Foundation) took part of the inaugural plenary session with Katharine Sarikakis (University of Vienna).

Watch the video of the complete plenary

  • "Dignity is the most revolutionary concept to come out of the 20th century" was the starting line of Javier Goma's speech. 

Read the text here

"Communication, Technology and Freedom"

  • Second Plenary session with Yoani Sánchez (Director of, Monroe E. Price (Annenberg School for Communication) and Malavika Jayaram (Digital Asia Hub).

Watch the video of the complete session

"Communications and technology: Post-Gutenberg, post-mass"

  • Watch the third plenary session with Jeff Jarvis (Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism, CUNY) and Lorenzo Cotino (University of Valencia)

  • The presentation by Professor Jeff Jarvis during the third plenary session is available here 

Photos and Videos

  • ALAIC (Asociación latinoamericana de investigadores de la comunicación / Latin American Association of Communication Researchers) invited session, focused on the contributions of 4 Latin American communication researchers: Hector Schmucler, José Marques de Melo, Mario Kaplún, Luis Ramiro Beltrán.

Watch the video

Reflections and Comments

“A feature, not a bug” – IAMCR 2019

  • Blog article by Mandy Tröger & Kerem Schamberger

"Calidad democrática en tiempos de tergiversación" ("Democratic quality in times of misrepresentation")

  • Blog article by Jorge Clemente, Dean of the Complutense University of Madrid

"Cuatro principios sin marcha atrás: igualdad, libertad, universalidad, dignidad" ("Four principles without reverse: equality, freedom, universality, dignity")

  • Blog article by Loreto Corredoira, Director, IAMCR Local Organizing Committee

"El reto de la post verdad" ("The challenge of post truth")

  • Blog article Fabiola Morales Castillo, CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School, Peru

Travel Grant recipients’ comments

  • This year, 21 travel grants have been awarded to early-stage scholars. Some of them have sent their comments and reflections on their experience in IAMCR 2019 in Madrid.

Prizes and Awards

  • IAMCR Award in memory of Herbert I. Schiller

Awarded to Pooja Ichplani, Archna Kumar, Rupa Upadhyay and Jessica Mayberry, for their joint paper "Communication Processes, Community Mobilization and Normative Shifts: Learnings from Video Volunteers’ India Unheard Program"


  • UCF/IAMCR Urban Communication Research Grant

Awarded to Arlene Fernandez, for her project "Meet Me at the Papi Store: Space, Place, and the ‘American Dream’ in Philadelphia Corner Stores".


  • New Directions for Climate Communication Research Fellowship

Awarded to John Cook, Emily Vraga, and Sojung Kim for their proposal "Countering Climate Misinformation with Humor and Active Inoculation".


  • IAMCR Distinguished Contribution Award

Professor Helena Sousa, a long-time member and supporter of IAMCR, was presented with a Distinguished Contribution Award.


Press coverage

Presentation of IAMCR 2020